Thursday, May 24, 2007


Bubble dress from the Hussein Chalayan Spring 2007 collection presented onOctober 4, 2006. It reminds me of the soap suds from bubble baths. Ready-to-Wear?...not so much! I did love the "111" runway show; it had both wearable and unwearable garments.


william d. anderson said...

nice post. she's perfect for that "dress." she's so thin she almost disappears in there. i dont know why it find this appealing, but its kind of beautiful. something bjork would try and fail at, but this works on her. maybe as a photographer, i just admire the opportuniry that poses. its kind of endless, and impossible at the same time.

J Lee said...

it reminds me of the new dove commercial with all the middle aged women covered in bubbles :)

very cute!

Fashion Lolita said...

the dress is awesome! i love it ! <3<3<3