Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fancy Spaces in Limited Footage

Shop your own closet! The chandelier in the walk-in closet brings the quality of boutique.
Wallpaper & Color -The wallpaper is the accent and the color of the walls are painted Tiffany blue, very chic!

Simple, Modern, and Elegant at only 450-square-foot !

Another innovative way to utilize a walk-in closet as a bedroom!

From the SSBS Free-Spirited Style episode.


william d. anderson said... townhouse is up for sale, we're moving a little further out, and into a little more space. (i know, i'm part of the suburban problem, rather part of the solution. i'm not proud of it.) but in my new place, i plan to build out the closets similarly. in an item specific, organized manner. its just a matter of time and effort, but it really looks awesome.

blushing apples said...

everyone should have neat walk-in closet! i like to play dress-up in my closet maybe i'm a little old for that but i love it...

J Lee said...

i dont have a large closet either but i'd love to have it organized like that. lighting such as a pretty chandelier and graphics on the walls really adds that touch of sparkle. great post.

Susana Daily said...

Hey Blushing thank you for posting on my 2 blogs :)
yes I understand spanish (I'm portuguese but I also speak english, french and spanish)
You have 2 great blogs :D