Thursday, May 17, 2007

FANTASY: "Cartoon Furniture"

Living Room/ Conference Room. I love that plastic light fixture!

Rafts are used as movable walls.

Bedroom: "The bed is a standard air mattress raised on inflatable cubes and a suspended, inflatable float slides along a ceiling track to give a degree of privacy. Even the window garden features inflatable tulips!"

"[home owner] was inspired by two factors: a design project he worked on to
capture an aesthetic element of the beach and a low budget. He loves his
inflatable furnishings because they're versatile, collapsible and store away

Every Thursday at 5:30 PM I watch HGTV's Small Space Big Style; it inspires me every time. Great to watch if you live in a small space- designs that don't sacrifice style the by square footage. In one episode -INFLATABLE HEAVEN- i saw a home/office with all inflatable furnishings and ever since I'm obsess with that idea; its fairly cheap and the look is modern.


J Lee said...

i love that show ... so inspiring to see what "every day" people who are not professional designers can come up with for their small spaces. it's so inspiring now that so many of our toronto condo's and homes are being built no larger than 700-800sq.ft!

william d. anderson said...

there are a lot of possibilities that come to could go badly in a hurry, but if you were judicious, i can see how you could use some inflatables. i saw a coffee table that was an inflatable cube, but had like a little wooden hood that fit on the top, very modern, and great if you move a lot. can you imagine deflating your appartment and boxing it up for moving?

Emma said...

I want my house to look like that! God, I need to redecorate.