Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Recycle Shopping

"This was a project I started this summer. I began by collecting grocery bags, which I cut into sheets and ironed together to form a fabric, and then I used them to sew this dress, with a design loosely based on a 50s housewife style. "

As I'm watching the Project Runway marathon i'm looking into some photos! RESULTS: I found this dress & it gave a new meaning to the word RECYCLE. Very nice concept, i dont know if it would be wearable.


william d. anderson said...

that's brilliant. have you tried to make one yourself. it reminds me of the fabric posters that sart shot in berlin...this must have been what they were talking about, using them for a dress.

maybe a skirt, or an item...that might actually be viable.

thanks for your posts on my blog.
i've been reading yours for a bit. i like it a lot.

underneath said...

Intersting dress - very echological.