Monday, June 11, 2007

Brocade Home Catalog

Greeting Cards were displayed on the walls.


Decorated dinner plates were showcased on a dinning room.

Award ribbons on the walls never looks so great!

My favorite rooms

I just received my first brocade home catalog after I finally requested one and I'm amazed. Not only do I like its furnishings I also like their ideas. I was hesitant because I'm already subscribed to 15 other catalogs (JUNK). There is no regret for the subscription of brocade home.


Anonymous said...

Sigh, I love this catalog as well. Sooooo romantic. Do you know of anyone who has ordered from it? I am wondering about the quality.

Hill said...

omg i love brocade! its so classic but still trendy. fab!

Iheartfashion said...

Very nice! The styling reminds me a bit of Anthropologie's catalogs, but more pastel, less grungy. Beautiful.

blushing apples said...

I hate not order from the catalog yet but I would think its worth a try plus theyre items 100% satisfaction guaranteed :D

Fashion Lolita said...

looks really lovely