Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Holly Golightly and Cigarettes

"... But I am mad about Jose. I honestly think I'd give up smoking if he asked me."

"My mother taught me to stand straight, sit erect, use discipline with wine and sweets and to smoke only six cigarettes a day", "How to Be Lovely - The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life"

Even in her private life Audrey smoked two or three packs of English Gold Flakes a day. Cigarette smoking may seem glamourous but the truth is as you might have heard smoking is a contributor to lung cancer, it can dehydrate the skin, damage the collagen and accelerate wrinkles. Seeing this images makes me wish cigars didnt have side effects :(

A modern Holly Golightly in London at

Shes has the Holly Golightly look perfectly; the little black dress, the up-do, posing elegantly with her long cigarette holder .

This post is dedicated for the audrey fans that commented on smoking on last audrey post!


La Primavera said...

I guess the saying "guns and cigarettes look good only on film" is true :(

J Lee said...

c'est chic!

but one thing, i never thought cigarettes looked good.

william d. anderson said...

those are great images. i love her.

Iheartfashion said...

She does make smoking look chic! But then again Audrey could make anything look good.

Fashion Lolita said...

and she doesn't make it look just good, it looks sexy as well

Jennifer Ramos said...

love audrey such classy looking pics!

rollergirl said...

I'm anti smoking but I agree that holding a freshly lit cigarette looks chic. (So sometimes I will hold an unlit one!)

Did you know that sometimes you can get face cancer which causes your face to cave in? (I think this may be the result of skin cancer more than lung cancer but it's still a horrific thought, no?)