Thursday, July 12, 2007


(Today I'm posting mostly anthropologie inspiration!)

Can you imagine newspaper walls? My first thought "they belong in a cage" but of course Anthropologie had to prove me wrong although I wouldn't probably use them in my home! I think the furnishings also help pull it off editorially!

Anthropologie catalogs:

Anthropologie newspaper displays:

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ITEM: Ultime Notizie (Latest News) Chair

I think I rather go with this newspaper chair!

I'm having trouble with my entryway ITS COMPLETELY BARE!

Photos: Anthropologie, Domino Mag.


perfectbound said...

Anthropologie windows never cease to amaze me. No, I can't imagine a newspaper wall either. Although these are wild!

These are all great posts. I also love the imaginary lines post with more pics from Anthropologie. They are so inspiring. So is your blog!

casapinka said...

I just bought a bergere chair like that Anthro navy blue one for $180. I am so full of myself at the moment. Watch Greyhound dump it out. Those newspapers still remind me of some of the bathrooms my friends' parents had in the eighties. Made for great reading, to be sure.

blushing apples said...

hah! come to think of it I do remember the faux newspaper wallpaper! Soo funny!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow!!! What a window display :) Great post !

Seraphine said...

Haha- the newpaper "wallpaper" reminds me of those old people one reads about in the news, where their house is stacked with decades of stored newpapers and dead pets.

rollergirl said...

Fab post. i wish we had Anthropologie in london!

Diana Coronado said...

Great, it looks oldie and original