Thursday, July 12, 2007


I don't usually like posting about articles of clothing from online stores but I just had to tell someone! Remember Phillip Lim's Spring 07 collection; which got great reviews? well has the shift dress for only $180 (Reg. $600) available only in a size 6. Almost like a sample sale!


Kira Fashion said...


that white dress is so amazing!

must be good for everybody...all kinds of woman!

a kiss
your blog is cool!
thanks for passing at mine!
have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

isn't that how it always is? you want something and there is only one left and not in your size?!


Seraphine said...

Cute. I love the sleeves.

Juliet said...

i would love to get that .but still.. 180 is too much from one dress.

i clearly need to get a job, and more cash

juliet xxx

Bella said...

That dress is gorg...i want it for the end of summer...

J Lee said...

i just love this dress!