Wednesday, September 5, 2007

cute as a button

Whom I like to met! Danny of course. The boy can sew and look good in his own clothes. Hes young yes but I love that he doesn't necessary wear whatever hipsters his age are wearing! And he can SEW (I know I said this before somewhere).

Thank you!

Janet from Je ne sais quoi picked me as Rockin' Girl Blogger. Honestly I do not know why she picked this little blog but I am glad she did. A little blush on my cheeks turned out in my face when I saw her comment. Thank you! If I knew her address I would def. be writting her a "THANK YOU" note. Now whom do I pick? I couldn't have it tougher I like several blogs.

1. La Primavera. An intellectual, a proclaimed "feminist", loves both Fashion and Books! She writes informative articles and most certainly is a blogger who takes full advantage of the secret identity of blogging; never afraid to say something out loud.

Umm.. All of you who love fashion, design, literature!

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pinkstilettos said...

How how old is this boy! :) Is he some sort of designer or something? Tell us more.. tell us more. ok- Just playing! Have a good day!